Training Programs

Sunstone HR has prepared engaging and educational training courses for:

  • Managers

  • Human Resource Teams

  • Employees

These courses will be offered publicly on occasion, but can also be brought to your organization. Longer courses listed below could be broken down into multiple 1 – 2 hour sessions. Details on course material may be found by opening the links below.

For The Managers

It is widely known that ’employees don’t leave companies. They leave managers.’ Sunstone HR’s Management Development courses are specifically designed to strengthen  vital skills critical for managers at all levels of the organization. Research backed and results driven, these courses will sharpen the skills and improve the performance of your managers. For additional details on these courses click SHR Manager Training Programs.

Legal Basics for Managers (4 hours)

Effective Organizational Communication (3 – 4 hours)

Effective and Legal Interviewing (3 – 4 hours)

Coaching, Motivating and Recognizing Employees (4 – 6 hours)

Manage Your Time, Conflict and Change (4 – 6 hours)

For Individual and Team Development

The Birkman is an incredibly insightful personal and work style assessment that helps individuals better understand their interests, optimal work style, needs and stress behaviors. A perfect tool for personalized coaching and development, especially at a manager level and above. The Birkman is also excellent at facilitating insightful and productive workshops for both new and existing teams. For additional details on these courses click SHR Individual and Team Development.

Individual Birkman Assessment (1 hour per individual debrief)

Team Birkman Workshop (4 – 6 hours)

For The HR Team

HR is one of those fields which allows professionals to learn, grow and promote. One of the greatest challenges a growing HR professional faces is moving from tactical performance to truly strategic contributions. Sunstone HR’s trainings focuses on broadening the HR professional’s vision and enabling greater, more strategic contributions to the organization. For additional details on these courses click SHR HR Training Programs.

HR Certification Preparation Courses (3-day or 11-week format)

Legal Basics for the HR Team (4 hours)

Situation Assessment and Internal Investigation (4 hours)

Human Resource Strategy I (6 hours)

Human Resource Strategy II (6 hours)

For The Employees

There’s no question that an investment in an employee’s development increases his commitment to the organization and overall engagement. Sunstone HR offers the below courses and can custom build additional development courses for the employer upon request. For additional details on these courses click SHR Employee Training Programs.

Workplace Professionalism (45 min – 1 1/2 hours)

Diversity, Respect and Acceptance in the Workplace (3 – 4 hours)

Achieve Your Life Mission (2 – 3 hours)