“It’s rare to find a skill set and talent like Rod.  . . . I found Rod to be extremely level-headed and patient while working with multiple personalities and strong-willed individuals. I consider Rod to be a fantastic mentor and have enjoyed our working relationship over the years. Rod has been a great asset in career development and as an organizational partner.”

David, Facilities and Security Manager

“I recommend Rod for your outsourced HR services needs. He created a custom professionalism training program for my office that was well-received and effective.”

Jared, VP of Finance

“Sunstone HR Consulting has been a huge asset to my business. I would recommend Sunstone to any business that has HR needs.”

Damien, Founder / CEO

“Sunstone HR did an incredible job at presenting information that is normally rather dull in a memorable and professional manner. I would recommend their HR services if you are looking to outsource trainings.”

Parker, HR Manager

“Rod provided a great training!”

Rob, CEO / Founder

“The HR world is something I don’t understand very well as a busy business owner, and even if I were to try to understand it, it changes so quickly I am always afraid of being liable of something I wouldn’t know about. Sunstone HR was definitely the most professional choice that has custom plans for any of my needs. I am so impressed with them that I know I can count on them to not only fulfill the minimum HR requirements, but they have my back by seeing and acting on the things I wouldn’t even consider by myself.”

Tyler, Business Owner

“The guidance and input we received helped us prepare for and execute on important company initiatives. The expertise at Sunstone is top notch. Great to work with.”

Brian, Chief Financial Officer

“It’s doesn’t get much better than Rod. I would highly recommend him for any HR needs.”

Jordan, CEO

“Best outsourced HR experience I’ve had. Tons of knowledge but very pragmatic.”

Jeron, CEO

I know Rod to be a well educated, experienced, and pragmatic HR executive.  He demonstrates solid decision making in tactical and strategic business issues.  Rod functions at a very senior level in both HR and other business disciplines.  He quickly forms effective relationships with leadership and non-leadership associates.  Rod’s recommendations and decisions were well-founded and supported in all HR areas.

Max, SVP Human Resources