Compensation Services

Sunstone HR is the go-to resource for compensation plan development and review. Whether you have no system or structure whatsoever, or want to check your current structure for competitiveness, email us or give us a call!

Visual salary grades with incumbent data aids in the development and approvals of salary structures.


Sunstone HR begins its position review process with the job descriptions, recognizing that job titles are essentially meaningless in the matching of jobs. We also recognize that most salary surveys found on the internet are not reliable due to salary data being self-reported by employees. Sunstone HR uses only validated salary surveys that cover multiple industries. All surveys are aged to reflect current market data, and cost of wages across markets are adjusted to allow for broader role comparisons.

Sunstone HR will also act as a 3rd party to conduct industry specific salary surveys for your organization.


An accurate compensation structure can be a solid foundation for countless organizational decisions, including succession planning, employment development, promotion and advancement guidelines, merit and pay adjustment standards, etc. Sunstone HR custom develops each compensation structure to match the unique needs of each organization. Sunstone HR uses its proprietary point-factor system to not only tie company positions to market rates of pay, but also to ensure internal equity across the organization.

Regression analysis and scatter plots aid in the development of compensation structures.


Unique to other consulting firms, Sunstone HR believes that the mark of a great organizational consultant is that they are not needed when they’ve left the building. Sunstone HR’s clients are provided the tools needed to operate independently and confidently at the conclusion of each project.

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