HR Services

Sunstone HR is prepared to help organizations of all sizes with its human resources. For the start-ups or smaller organizations, Sunstone HR can be the company’s HR expert until an FTE is officially added. For the larger organizations, Sunstone HR can offer strategic insights into most people challenges that an organization might face.

Sunstone HR offers a FREE 30 minute consultation, so when you’re faced with a challenging situation, give us a call (801) 380-7846 or email!


Benefit Plans: Source, design, measure or assess a company’s current or future benefit plan design for enhancement or cost savings.

Birkman Workshops: The most insightful personality and work-style assessment on the market, the Birkman is great for individual debriefs, and even stronger in a team setting. Perfect for management workshops, executive retreats – any time that a team wants to get more product and deepen both understanding and respect.

Compensation: Build, develop, assess, redesign any compensation or incentive plan.

Compliance: Handbook, policy, procedure and other reviews. MySilentWhistle 3rd-Party whistleblower hotline availability.

Employee Relations: When the big situation occurs, call Sunstone HR for a quick review on their “situation hotline.”

Strategy: Get the most out of your employees in terms of engagement, alignment, productivity and results. Enhanced HR metrics to more accurately measure this major company investment.

Surveys: Engagement and pulse surveys immediately available.

Talent: Sourcing and acquisition, strategy, retention, engagement, succession planning, development and performance management.

Training and Development: Multiple learning and development programs ready to launch, and custom programs able to be quickly developed and presented.

And more . . .