Legend has it​ that vikings used sunstones (sólarsteinnto navigate the oceans during adverse conditions. Similarly, the right ‘people’ programs and focus in an organization will keep the company aligned with its objectives, regardless of the headwinds it might face.

Sunstone HR is passionate about the strategic role that human resources should be playing in an organization. We have a proven record of maximizing the strategic value of the HR function in a business, driving employee engagement, lowering regrettable attrition, improving individual and team performance, and aligning operations behind the company’s mission, vision and values.

“Rod is one of the few HR professionals I have worked with that actively promotes HR initiatives that improve the entire organization.”

Jim, VP, Finance

“Rod is a man of integrity and excellent character. Rod is candid, honest and a leader. Rod is a forward thinker who is willing to try new things to help companies become more successful.”

Kelly, VP, Bus. Dev.